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Chanel Wallet - How to Tell the Real From the Fake?

Chanel wallets: One of the most blatant tells for spotting fake Chanel wallets is the something that works well with phony handbag spotting: The seam lines. More specifically, the way the seams line up, or in the case of many fake handbags, fail to line up. Because most Chanel wallets, or most wallets regardless of designer, utilize some sort of flap mechanism to secure the wallet contents. This makes the flap and the seam line up more evident on a wallet. Unlike on a handbag, where there is more going on all over the piece, the wallet is all flap and seam.

On an authentic Chanel wallet, the flap, when snapped shut or resting closed against the body, should have all the seams lining up from the flap to body. However, not every continuous seam line will be absolutely perfect, even on an authentic wallet. But that being said, there is only a certain amount of seam shift that should be allowable with a real wallet. This can vary, as there is no millimeter figure set in stone, so this knowledge comes from studying wallets, both real and fake. The more authentic Chanel you expose yourself to; the better you will be at estimating the allowable amount of seam shift.

Any wallet that has an obviously dramatic amount of seam shift, between flap and body, should be an automatic red flag. Checking the seam, and how it lines up to the body only takes a few seconds to do. Maybe ten seconds tops. So this should always be the first thing you examine when inspecting Chanel wallets. It can even be done while scrolling a number of listings online.

Use these quick tips to weed out many of the fake wallets floating around the viral marketplace. Good luck and safe shopping!