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Considering Buying Limited Edition Shoes?

It may be a surprise to you that these days you can buy limited edition shoes. It is amazing really when you think about it but lots of people are buying them. If you really take notice you might notice a pair today.

When you think about it is not surprising that limited edition shoes have become so popular. Whatever industry you are in there is always something that is limited edition and you and I know what that means. People perceive it at having value and therefore want to own it.

People also buy limited edition shoes because they want to belong to an exclusive club. They want to feel special but they don't want to do it all on their own. This gives them a sense of belonging and may feel like they are doing it for a specific cause. By limiting the number it gives the sense that they are part of the lucky few.

So now we know why people buy them, what types of people actually part with their hard-earned money to buy these shoes. I bet you are thinking about that colleague at work that is always shopping! The answer depends.

The first type of person is the person that you just thought about. They are the ones that have to have the latest fashion accessory. Anything older than a month will just not do and they have to have something new for each event.

Then you have the other extreme, a customer that is not rushed and will not make extravagant purchases on a whim. They will only make a few big purchases a year so when they do buy, they buy quality items that will last for years to come.

I don't know if you are considering buying limited edition shoes but if you are make sure that you take the time to enjoy them. You never know, they may turn out to be an investment.