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Get a Costume, Not a Conscience

Men's costumes or clothing for women is not only just wrapping your body in some fabric or a stitched garment but it is iconographic to the style, status symbol and much more. It denotes the wearer's occupation, the class he or she belongs to and the rank or affiliation to certain group. The dress is a method of communicating without words that tells the spectator about the sexual availability and the person's social status. In short, clothes are not only the tools for adorning the body but they are perfect to communicate many other details and information such as the perception and thinking level of a person.

History is fun to know, explore, and read about all those exciting hip-hop fashions and trendsetter from ancient Greeks to modern times in the 21st century. Every era has its own mood reflected by its fashion style and the factors changed those trends were the cultural values, loss of morality, working conditions, pleasure and leisure as well as technological advancements. All these changing factors contributed and influenced sense of clothing and garment industry.

Since the recorded history, there have been many changes occurred in the name of fashion. From the Greek times to the Victorians, fashion statement kept on changing in every era. Trends formed to last forever or just died with the passage of time. Societies and individuals used all types of clothing to adorn their bodies veneered and decorated with the help of accessories like the jewelry, hairstyles, hats, and shoes, etc. During the last couple of decades, the industry of fashion flourished and developed greatly. Particularly, with the advent of mass production technology and modern equipment has transformed women and men's costumes into affordable luxury more than a necessity.

Who can forget the romantic 40s looks and psychedelics from the era of 60s, 70s disco and power dressing style of the 90s. Clothing designs and styles kept on evolving and rejuvenating at the front of fashion industry. From retro to classics, traditional to contemporary one could witness the comeback of many old trends incorporated by innovative cuts, lines, and patterns to attract consumer and dominate the market.

Clothes express the individuality and iconic presentation of us in the public. The outfit helps in developing the image of a person in the civilized society and the purpose of clothing to protect the body has changed into desire of impressing others. It was a commodity and necessity but has become the luxury and iconographic to our incessant desires. Clothing is an art and synonym to confidence, self-respect, and decorum at the cost of valuable money, time, and maintenance.