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What Did You Think About Black Friday?

Where you one of the hording crowd who participated in this years Black Friday? If so was it all that you thought it was going to be? Did you come away feeling like you made some real savings on your purchases? If so, you might have been duped like most of the population these days. Thinking you saved some money during Black Friday was most likely an illusion of our present financial situation.

I heard a report that the amount people spent this year during Black Friday was an average of $300 a person, which was up from last year. Hip Hip Hooray!!! people are spending money that must mean our financial crisis is over. What they didn't report is that people were able to buy a whole lot less for their money this year than last year. Basically our dollar is worth less now so it takes more of it to buy the same amount.

Which brings me to the key point of this post. Where is your thinking, right now during these economic times. Are you living in fear as you see our food and staple prices starting to soar? Or are you living in hope that things are on the verge of getting better. The third option is to live in abundance, believing that no matter what happens to the American dollar you will be financially secure.

The reality is the more money the government prints, the less value our money has. What is really being printed is nothing but debt, IOU's that will be handed down to our children and grandchildren.

I'd like to believe that the people are waking up to what is happening. Sadly most people are left in ignorance believing they will be saved by our government. When in reality the more dependent you are the more effected you will be when the American dollar bottoms out.

Many of us realize that we need to take responsibility for our own financial security, (not through hand outs from the government) but by preparing ourselves to be solution providers. Realizing that YOU are your most valuable asset. You have a million dollar mind that can create financial freedom and security, if you use it.

Not long from now the majority of the population will be waking up to a real serious situation, and they will be looking for help. Will you be on the side of the Helpless or the Financially Secure? It's all in what you think.